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A couple of nice things have happened in the past couple of days to help get me out of the minor funk I’ve been in. First, Sue and Paul of Norwegian Dawn fame are in town for the week, and Monday night all the boatco folks met up for some drinks and reminiscing. It was great to see them and to have everyone from the ship in one place for a little bit.

Second, at tonight’s show, Paul Dooley was in the audience. He’s a fairly old school Second City alum, and may be best known as the dad in “Sixteen Candles.” But you’d definitely know him if you saw him. He came backstage after the show to talk to us, and on a whim we asked him to play the set and he said yes. Unfortunately, a lot of older alums, especially if they’re well known, don’t play the sets; I can’t say for sure why, but I’m guessing they’d feel pretty vulnerable in front of an audience of people expecting brilliance. And some of them think that the improv we do now is different from what they did, and sometimes that’s true. But Paul Dooley was talking about how he still does improv shows in LA, so we thought he might be up for it, and he was. And he was fantastic. I think we were all nervous, not knowing what to expect from him, but he didn’t miss a beat. His humor seems to come mostly from natural reactions to things, which is always a good lesson.

Equally as important as just having a great time with him in the set, it definitely reminded me of the history of Second City and what a remarkable thing it is to be working there. I know I’ve been down as of late regarding the postponing of our writing process, feeling like I have no creative outlet and am just going through the motions. But there is more to it than that, and it’s good to reminded of it.

I’ve added a couple of images of our celebrity guests in my flickr photos.

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