Whatever, it’s cold.

Today I finally swallowed my pride and wore my wool coat. And I was glad I did. So there.

Tonight I did a Second City bizco with some former Chicagoans, and Brian Gallivan and I got to do our scene “Killer” from our last mainstage show. That’s the one where I play Hillary Clinton. We figured tonight might have been the last night that scene will have any viability, depending on how Super Tuesday goes. I am now a registered voter in California, so tomorrow (today, I guess), I will do my civic duty.

My episode of According to Jim is scheduled to air on Tuesday, Feb. 19th at 9/8 central on ABC, America’s Family Network. Check your local listings. The episode is called “The Layover.” I show up about 2/3 of the way through, if memory serves.

  • Josiah

    Indeed…here in Philly (on less-than-super-Wednesday) it was, like, 68deg.F ! What ? Hello Springtime, which made all the SuperDelegate stuff a background noise to an oddly warm day. But February can be a treacherous (tho’ short) month, and I totally know we’ll be back to peacoats and fuzzy mittens by next week. ANYWAY…so cool, a little Jim Belushi and you in a few weeks, righteous. Cheers !

  • Paulie

    I will hustle off to the polls early (primary day in WI) and get me a big old bowl of popcorn and watch ya on the TV. Too cool!