What’s in a name?

Today was a very productive rehearsal day, despite missing Antoine once again for another Prison Break filming. We rehearsed for 5 hours, which we’ll do again tomorrow to make up for no rehearsal on Thanksgiving (though we do have a show). Unfortunately, the final 2 minutes of rehearsal soured the otherwise good day when it was announced that our show title will be “Iraqtile Dysfunction.” Yep. How is a show name chosen, you ask? We, the cast, submit a big list to the producers, and they choose one from the list. As with improv, you try not to censor yourself too much in coming up with titles, just writing down as many as you can think of. And then, unfortunately, you sometimes end up with a name you (and by you I mean me) pretty much hate. I just think there were a lot of smarter, more sophisticated names offered, and we end up with what is not only essentially a dick joke (apologies to my parents), but also something that in no way represents the show’s theme. Anyway, I was disappointed. I’ll admit, sometimes Second City doesn’t live up to my expectations – temple of satire and all that. But…

Then we had a great show. Our first act lost its last Red Scare scene tonight – unintentionally, as it was accidentally skipped by an anonymous ensemble member. With any luck we’ll just leave it out, since the show had been running a little long anyway. We’ll see. But we had a great audience, and a really solid set with all brand new stuff. To top it off, my former touring company stage manager Dale and his wife Hannah watched the show; they’re in town from Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. I hadn’t seen them in over a year. Dale toured with us from the beginning of 2003 to the spring of 2004, and then moved to Pittsburgh to work with a children’s theatre as their technical director. He’s one of my favorite people I’ve ever worked with because he’s one of the world’s nicest guys and always up for an adventure. Granted some of those adventures included fairly dicey activities such as skiing in a roped-off area and playing a game boy while driving, but in hindsight those things are charming. Anyway, it was really good to see both of them.

So, another days of ups and downs, but at the end of the day, the ups won. It’s going to take more than a horribly embarrassing show title to break me, Second City. Nice try! Yeah!!!!

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