Where does the time go?

I apologize for the lack of updates on our first week back. We’ve been busy the past couple of days with rehearsals for Andy, and last night we had our shows. The first one went pretty horribly, if I do say so myself, but due to technical problems, not hilarity problems. Thank goodness. The second show was really fun though, and we got a great response from the audience. I’m really glad the second show gave us some redemption, since I’d hate for Andy to think he made a huge mistake in joining us. Let that happen later when he gets sick of our personalities.

We have a new itinerary now which has us on Norwegian’s private island Thursday from 7am until 4pm, and then we head over to Nassau and get there around 8pm. That’s where we are right now, and where I just got back from losing $20 in the Atlantis casino. The best part is that we’re here overnight, leaving at noon tomorrow.

Andy, Sue, and I did a kids workshop this evening, and I’ll tell you, those kids were killing me (in a good way). We did a game called slideshow where two people talk about a vacation they took while 4 other people act as the slides of the vacation. We ask for a suggestion of where the vacation took place, and in the four times we played the game, we got the suggestions Hillbilly Town, Grandma’s Kitchen, Soup Town…and one other that escapes me. But really, how can you beat Soup Town?

Tomorrow is our typical Friday: Workshop, Improv show, Liars Club. Liars Club is going to be late night tomorrow, which gives us freedom to be a little more risque, but I don’t know how much beyond the usual innuendo that will go. We’ll see what happens. If you know what I mean.

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