Why ya buggin’

It’s been hot here in LA the past few days. And with the heat has come more bugs than I’d previously seen here. Growing up in Dallas, I became fairly used to large cockroaches, to the point where I could kill them and not be too freaked out by it. But the other night I got home and saw a Texas-sized roach outside my apartment and for the next hour felt like bugs were crawling all over me. Oh, I know what you’re thinking, and I wasn’t on Meth at the time.

Last night I left my apartment and saw the fattest caterpillar I’d ever seen, on the same wall where the roach had been (again, thankfully outside). When I got home a few hours later, it had migrated a fair distance, and this morning I saw it down by my neighbor’s window. I was actually relieved to see it again this morning, because the only thing worse than seeing the same bug (or whatever a caterpillar is) over and over is to not see it and wonder where it is now. Like in my bathtub or something.

I know, I know, caterpillars are cute and they become butterflies and blah blah, but this one just didn’t have the appeal. Ok?

  • Becky..AMHW

    Check out this bug that flies around my backyard in herds all summer long.


    I’d rather have your cockroaches.

  •  Agent K

    Sounds like the roach was looking for a tiny galaxy in Orion’s Belt.

  •  Anonymous

    I am in Plano, Tx and I think every year the roaches are getting bigger. Yesterday I saw one driving a Cooper Mini down the street.

    L. Fine

  •  cheech and chong

    We saw a roach the other day but it went up in smoke.

  • Burnt Toast

    Becky, that’s a freaky wasp, but in Costa Rica where I once lived, there are 6 inch long or longer grasshopper/locusts known locally as “langostas” or lobsters which are incredibly disturbing. They sound like twin engine bi-planes as they fly.

    A friend of mine who is a fellow hotel owner there had one land on his face to which the natural reaction is to swat it or anything away. Unfortunately, these little armored bastards have tiny hooks on the back legs that took part of his nostril with it. A terrible scar and a horrible memory for him I’m sure.

    Snakes, giant lizards, alligators, clowns. . .I’m fine with that. Cockroaches, on the other hand, send me screaming in the other direction like a little girl.

  •  Anonymous

    So, leave the land of bigger bugs and return to Texas. You would probably raise the I.Q. of both states by moving back!

  • Ron Dodson

    You grew up in Dallas? I knew you looked familiar! You had that neon-tricked-out Hundai cruising Forest, right?