Wins and Losses

I didn’t think I’d be reporting such an incident so soon, but my first Mainstage Celebrity Encounter happened this evening. The subject: Tony Hale, who plays Buster on Arrested Development. Now, that’s one of my favorite shows in years, so you might think that would have been cause for a super freak-out on my part, but I really did ok, I think. He came backstage with his friend right after the show, and couldn’t have been nicer or more complimentary. We asked him to play the improv set and he was reluctant at first, but we talked him into it. He had never done any improv before, but he really did great under the circumstances. And we assured him the audience was on his side, which was true. He says he wants to come back in July when he’s in town with his wife (back off, ladies!), which would be great if it’s true. And it would be great if he’d bring the rest of the Arrested Development cast with him. If you don’t watch the show, you should. Go rent season 1 right now. Right now I say!

In sadder news, there’s been an incident involving our bird family. I looked out this morning, and all the eggs were gone except for one open one, and there’s nothing else in the nest. I think something was wrong anyway, since it had been about 17 days and nothing had happened, which I still may chalk up to my huge face in the window scaring the mother away. I know I run out of my bed whenever that enormous evil bird face looks in my window.

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