Working days

The past two days I’ve been rehearsing for my According to Jim episode. The days have actually been pretty easy so far; I think I’ve done about 30 minutes of work total. The first day each scene was rehearsed in chronological order. Since Jim Belushi is directing, he has a stand-in rehearse his parts the first few times, then he steps in. I decided to watch all the other scenes being rehearsed on the first day, so I could get a better idea of what goes on and what to expect when I rehearsed my scene (which is in the last third of the show).

I just had to take a break from typing to silence the clucking hens on The View. Ladies!

Anyway, I definitely felt like I was the new kid in school, both days really. I always felt like I was in the way or looked conspicuous wherever I sat or stood. Yesterday, which was a similar rehearsal day to the first except with some script re-writes, I spent more time in my dressing room, since someone will call me there before my scene comes up. I felt a little paranoid that I was going to miss my scene or something, but I got the call and it all worked out.

Today I don’t go in until 3, at which point we’ll basically do more rehearsing, but with cameras. I’m actually still not sure whether my scene is being shot during the audience taping Friday evening, or ahead of time either today or tomorrow.

In other news, the apartment next to me is being renovated, so there is constant noise starting just before 9am every day but Sunday. It’s basically like someone is vacuuming my living room constantly. But without the benefit of my living room being clean.

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    I could have sworn that show got canceled.