You and part of your body will thank me

Erdmaniacs, it’s clear that many of us are passionate about grammatical issues, so let’s move on to something we can all enjoy and agree on. I give you this.

  • Paulie

    haha! Aaah….

  • garfoon

    Wow, Molly is really cleaning up well… or is that good? :)

  • Adam875

    The animation is genius!

  • Ace

    Couldn’t we just use Lysol or Pledge instead?

    Erdmaniacs? Is that what we’re called now? I sort of thought of us as Mol’s Minions.

  • The Adverb Ninja

    You control the wetness.

  • Jim Payne

    Whoa! I’m so embarrassed. I think I’ve been leaving out a step. Thanks for the heads-up!

  •  porta john

    Thats absolutely crap-tastic!

  • Paragon

    Is this for real?!

  • Becky..AMHW

    What’s funny is that right after I started viewing the instructional video, my three year old moved his little training potty, set it next to me and went about needing a reason to use toilet paper.

    So, when asked how I am, can I now say I am feeling fresh and clean? Look at the bounce in my step and the smile on my gob!

  • Chyntt


  • Cyborg Trucker USA

    I’m disturbed by the fact that so much purple crap can collect in the wrinkles of my ass. Eeewwwww!!!

  • Chip

    You are hilarious in those commercials(in that subtle smart$#% kind of way) which I truly appreciate. Curiosity finally got the better of me after seeing the Sonic spots (and laughing every freakin’ time)and I stumbled across your blog. Thanks for the link to Aaah! (I’d like to hear Billy Mays endorse it….but wait…there’s more.._) You keep it up…and we’ll keep on laughing. Thanks, for making us laugh….Chip

  •  Anonymous

    I have been looking for the perfect holiday gift for family and friends. Thanks for the solution!

  •  Anonymous

    Just saw your last Sonic commercial, you look so sexy with your hair grown longer. HOT HOT !!