You Dropped Obama on Me

I just finished up a Sonic shoot in Kansas City. I came back yesterday (Friday) and had not originally planned to do my Second City shows that night, but earlier in the week we found out that members of Barack Obama’s family, including his wife Michelle, were coming to the 8pm show, and that there was a chance that Barack himself would be there (though probably just for the second act).

Unfortunately, Barack didn’t make it, but 6 members of his family were there and we got to meet them afterwards. They were all incredibly nice – and physically very attractive – people. Michelle Obama hugged all of us when she met us.

There’s a phenomenon that happens whenever certain people come to the show and I start to listen to some of the things I say in the show from a different perspective. Like when my parents come, I suddenly think we have a lot of dirty things in the show. When an old-school alum comes, I think maybe our stuff isn’t “Second City” enough (whatever that means). When one of my non-Second City peers comes, I think our show might be too “Second City” and maybe not edgy enough. When Barack Obama’s family comes, I think, “Wow, we sure have a lot of Barack stuff in this show that could be interpreted in a variety of ways.” And considering the fact that I at one point try to hire someone to kill Obama, I was pretty nervous last night. But I think in the end it all comes out in a positive light. Especially if that’s what you’re looking for.

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