You! I’m writing this for you!

I’ve had a few people in the past few weeks tell me that they read my blog, and to those folks I say hello and thank you. I’m pretty much constantly under the impression that no one reads this, so it’s nice to hear that people do. I hope that doesn’t sound like me fishing for people to acknowledge my blog; at this point it’s just going to embarrass us both, so let’s just leave it unsaid, shall we?

I bought myself a new digital camera for my birthday, but I have yet to hook it up to my computer. But when I do, you’ll see pictures of various interesting events, including but not limited to Dan Aykroyd backstage with the cast and our Mainstage Halloween Costume exchange 2006. Watch for it!

In addition to meeting Dan Aykroyd, who was extremely nice, we also met Michael Moore and his wife when they came to our show last month. He was also very nice, and even apologized when someone booed during one of our scenes, claiming that the boo was most likely directed at him. I’m sure he’s used to it. What’s funny is that the boo came during a song about Bush not spending enough money on education, which seems like a funny thing to boo. The booer had kept quiet when we tackled the war in Iraq and gay marriage, but for some reason education really sticks in his craw. Bah, learning!

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