You should like what I like

Hellllllooooooo! Why I declare, this summer heat has turned my fingers to vienna sausages and I simply cannot find the strength to type a word, not a single word I tell you!

So what have I been doing instead? Almost nothing! It’s slow times out here in LA. But these slow times have allowed me to take stock of what’s important (sort of), and since all the magazines I have plenty of time to read do this, I present to you Molly’s Fun Must Have Awesome List For Summer 2009 Oh Yeah!!!

1. Trader Joe’s sparkling mineral water in mixed berry. I have cut my soda consumption by 75% thanks to this. And the big liter bottles are only 89 cents.

2. Coppertone sport sunblock. Neutrogena can suck it! While I like Neutrogena’s “Sport Face” for the name (I assume it gives me Sport Face), it burns my eyes like paprika. Coppertone doesn’t and it smells all sunblocky like a good sunblock should.

3. Nurse Jackie on Showtime. The print ads for this turned me off, but I happened to catch part of an episode and then went back to watch from the beginning. Edie Falco is great and her character is complex and un-cliched: not all good and not all bad.

4. Pinkberry frozen yogurt coconut/passionfruit swirl. I’m a little obsessed with tropical fruit right now for some reason. This is kinda pina-colada-y and great, aside from today when I went to get some and they couldn’t serve the coconut because it was “too frozen.”

5. Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith. Just finished reading this, in hardcover no less which is a rare feat for me, and I highly recommend it. It’s a murder mystery so it has that “summer read” quality, but it also takes place in communist Russia so you feel like you’re getting a little history lesson too. It’s out in paperback now.

I think 5 is enough for now. I could probably throw in a couple more but then we’d end with a weird number. If I push it to 10 I’d have to throw in some things like “those paper towels where you can tear off a half-piece,” and let’s face it, that’s not Fun, Must Have, or Awesome.

  • Charlie Hills

    Au contraire! The paper towels that you can tear off a half-piece are indeed squarely in the Awesome category. Ranks right up there with sliced bread, the inclined plane, and Trader Joe’s sparkling mineral water in mixed berry.

  • jesse

    I looked at my comp history tonight to see how I stumbled on this blog. I must have seen a Sonic commercial while watching the history channel then googled sonic. Anyhow,I had a fun time reading your blogs. You are very talented and I wish you the best.
    from the land of sonic (OK)